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Free Public Parking

Please use the free public parking at the Exhibition. For more information on parking, head over to the Parking page.

Athletes Tents

Abreast in the Rockies 2 Full Lakeside
Abreast of ‘Bridge Dragon Boat Club 7 Full Lakeside
ARC Angels 34b Half Regular
ATB Top Gunnels 1 Full Lakeside
ATCO Blue Burners 3 Full Lakeside
Best Western Oarfins 14 Full Lakeside
Bozeman Vikings 12a Half Lakeside
Breast Friends 4a Half Lakeside
Busting with Energy 35a Half Regular
Calgary Dragon Ladies 21a Half Lakeside
Calgary Flying Dragons 21a Half Lakeside
Doritos Torpedoes 30 Full Regular
DRAGNUM Dragon Boat Calgary 20a Half Lakeside
Dragnum Bad Buoys 20b Half Lakeside
Dragon Blades EDBRC 33a Half Regular
Dragon Masters 16b Half Lakeside
Dragon Our Tails 35b Half Regular
EDBRC Dragon Boat Z 33b Half Regular
EDBRC Dragonfly 33c Half Regular
EDBRC Wahine Kei Waka 23a Half Lakeside
EmergenSEA 4b Half Lakeside
Happy Hour ~ After Hours 28a Half Regular
Henderson Lakers 24b Half Regular
Kootenay Rhythm Dragons LOLs 31a Half Regular
KPMG Blue Divide 8 Full Lakeside
LBC Club Crew Senior Women 5b Half Lakeside
LC Cracked Paddles 11b Half Lakeside
Lethbridge College Klippers 11a Half Lakeside
Lethbridge Flying Dragon 36 Full Regular
Lethbridge Leftovers 19b Half Lakeside
LFS Bravehearts 19a Half Lakeside
NautiGals 16a Half Lakeside
Oil City Crew 27a Half Regular
Phoenix Edmonton Womens Crew 13a Half Lakeside
Pond Scum 22a Half Lakeside
Prairie Dragons Paddling Club Ice Dragons 22b Half Lakeside
Raunchy Rodents 27b Half Regular
Red Eyes 34a Half Regular
Reservoir Dolls 18a Half Lakeside
Sea N’ Oars 9 Full Lakeside
Silver Lining 13b Half Lakeside
Sister Power 31b Half Regular
Sistership Maka Power 10a Half Lakeside
Sistership Phoenix 10b Half Lakeside
Snapdragons 15 Full Lakeside
Snapping Turtles 24a Half Regular
Spartans Dragon Boat Club 26a Half Regular
Team ID 25 Full Regular
Team Miles 21b Half Lakeside
Thunderstrokes 18b Half Lakeside
U of L Fiat Dux 6a Half Lakeside
U of L Luxie Dux 6b Half Lakeside
U of L Pronghorn Paddlers 6c Half Lakeside
Uncivil Serpents 5a Half Lakeside
ViQueens 12b Half Lakeside
Wake My Day 17b Half Lakeside
Waverunners 32a Half Regular
What Time Is It? Happy Hour 28b Half Regular
Wood’n Eye 32b Half Regular
WTF?! Where’s The Finish?! 29 Full Regular
YWISE Women 17a Half Lakeside

Vendor Tents

Tent # VENDOR – 2019    
101 Spring Rolls 
102A Two Guys and a Pizza Place
102B Red Engine Coffee
103 Mediterranean BBQ
104 Piggyback Poutinerie 
105 Wiener Bandit
105A Macs & Custard
106 The Grateful Grill  
107 Tacos Del Oso Muerto 
108  Kwality Ice Cream
109 Crepe Affair
110 Bubble Republic
111 Model T Smokies
112 table & chairs
113 C&D Mini Donuts
114 Fresh Squeezed Lemonade
115 Dumbough Ears
116 Swirls IceCream
117 Booster Juice Lethbridge
200 ATB Financial 
200B Kids Fest
201 Roughnecks (Friday only)
202 Rotaract- T-Shirt sales
203 ADMinistration
205 PocketCash Atms
206 Red Cross 
207 Lethbridge Destination Marketing
209 TzTz
210 Beadolicous
211 Canadin Blood Services
212 High Level Canoes & Kayaks Ellis Auto
213 Josees Handmade Imports Inc
214 Henna Artistry & Mad Fish Glass Beads
215 Fresh Squeezed Lemonade
216 All About Bling
217 Voxxlife
218 Toyota
219 Bike Bridge
220 Sound Tent

Check out the Vendors page. Note that tent assignments are subject to change and locations are approximate.

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