Parking is a struggle every year because we’re putting tens of thousands of people through the dense residential area around the lake. For a map of the festival grounds, including handicap parking, check out the Map page. For the location of the Exhibition parking lots, see the map at the bottom of this page.

To make parking as enjoyable as possible, please follow the below guidelines:

  • Consider riding your bicycle to the festival, as BikeBridge will be providing safe bicycle storage services in a central location, and this will help us reduce vehicle traffic. Learn more about their service on the Bicycles page.
  • Exhibition Park is kind enough to let us park in their parking lots at the east end of Parkside Drive for FREE. Please park in the north lot, except Saturday morning, please park in the south lot to accommodate the Farmer’s Market in the north lot.
  • The parking lots in the park area along Parkside Drive are reserved for festival operations. We know your gear is heavy, but so are truckloads of beer, band equipment, etc!
  • Handicap parking is available but limited. Send us a note on our Contact Us page for details.
  • Large vehicles (RVs, busses, etc) can pick up and drop off passengers on Parkside Drive, but must park at Exhibition Park.
  • Give yourself extra time to find parking and walk to the lake!
  • Carpool to the lake if you can, to reduce traffic volumes… it makes a huge difference! Think about it, we could cut vehicle traffic in HALF by hopping in with a friend or teammate.
  • Do not park in the back alleys in the residential zone. This is a bylaw, safety, and security issue. Theft from vehicles is higher in back alleys because of the reduced visibility. We have volunteers and barricades to help you stay out of alleys. Please be kind to our volunteers, it’s not their fault.
  • If you must park in the residential zone, please be courteous to the residents and local traffic, and be cognisant of safe distances between your vehicle and driveways, intersections, crosswalks, fire hydrants, etc.
  • Lethbridge Police Service and Lethbridge Bylaw Enforcement officers will be ticketing and towing vehicles in violation of parking bylaws.
  • Consumption of alcohol in or on parked vehicles is subject to local laws.

For more information about parking and local bylaws, see the Parking page on the City of Lethbridge website at

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