Crew Categories

Mixed Crew: Maximum 20 paddlers consisting of a minimum of 10 female paddlers, up to 4 spares, 1 drummer and 1 steersperson of either gender, and 1 on site manager. Youth aged 12-17 are welcome.

Women’s Crew: Maximum 20 paddlers, up to 4 spares, 1 drummer, 1 steersperson, and 1 on site manager. All paddlers and the drummer must be female. Youth aged 12-17 are welcome.

Youth Crew: Maximum 20 paddlers and up to 4 spares (ages 12-17 or currently enrolled in high school), 1 drummer and 1 steersperson (may be youth or adults), and 1 on site manager (must be over 18).

Womens Cancer Survivor Crew: The C Cup challenge will be registered separately.