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The weekend of June 24, 25,26 2022 will mark the 20th Anniversary of the annual Lethbridge Dragon Boat Festival. Over the years, the Lethbridge Dragon Boat Festival has grown to become one of the premier Festivals in Canada.

The Festival is a multi-faceted event which brings dragon-boaters from across western Canada and the Lethbridge and Southern Alberta Community together for a weekend of fun competition on the water as well as music, food and refreshments on the shore of Henderson Lake.

This event is a major fund-raiser for the Rotary clubs of Lethbridge. A wide array of community projects are supported by funds raised at this event.

There is a solemn component to the Festival, and that is the Rose Petal Ceremony offered by Abreast of Bridge, which honours the memory of breast cancer victims.

This beautiful, poignant ceremony will happen on Saturday, June 25 at noon near the concession stand at Henderson Lake.

We look forward to June 24, 25, 26 when the Dragon Boats Festival returns to the waters of  Henderson Lake.

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