Officials’ Corner

Officials Meeting with Race Director

The Lethbridge Rotary Dragon Boat Festival, under the direction of the Race Director, will utilize the Competition Regulations of Rules of Racing as established by Dragon Boat Canada. See the Race Rules and Regulations page for details.

Purpose of the Meeting: The purpose of the meeting is to provide you and the Race Director an opportunity to meet the officials and to outline the role, responsibilities, and expectations of the officials in each of their areas. It is anticipated this will set the stage for an exciting and well orchestrated execution of the races and a positive experience for the racers, volunteers, and spectators.

All meetings with the Race Director will be held at the Officials area by the dock.

Group Time
Safety/Referee/Chase Boats/Starter 3:00pm
Team Manager Meeting for Breast Cancer Crews 4:15pm
Starter, Dock Master, Timers 4:45pm
Managers Meeting (following opening ceremonies) 7:00pm

Safety Information

All officials should be familiar with all information on the Safety page.