Tent Assignments

Race crew tent assignments are posted on the Festival Site Map page.

Crew Tent Deadlines

All tents must be ordered and paid in full by June 10.

Crew Tent Rental Fees

Lake side (Half Tent)$475
Lakeside (Full Tent)$900
Regular (Half Tent) $425
Regular (Full Tent)$825

Please note: Tents are assigned on a first come, first serve basis, and lakeside tents will sell out quickly. Half tents are 10′ x 20′, Full tents are 20′ x 20′.

Crew Tent Decorations and Etiquette

Awesome crew tent decorations contribute to your crew’s success in the Fun Awards, so get creative! See the Crew Competitions page for details on the Fun Awards.

Everything you bring, especially all decorations, garbage, recycling, and personal belongings must be removed at the end of the festival, or your crew will be charged a cleanup fee. The tent should be left as clean or cleaner than it was when it was set up.

Approved Methods for Attaching Decorations to Tents

  • Zip ties
  • String
  • Rope
  • Painters’ tape (also known as Frog tape)

Do not use any of the following:

  • Any tape / glue / adhesives (except painters’ tape), especially duct tape (also known as Duck tape), or clear packing tape – It takes forever to clean off, and no one likes doing it. Our volunteers work hard enough as is.
  • Metal wire – It accelerates wear and tear on the tents.
  • Poking holes in the walls or roof – Seriously. It has happened.
  • Any paint / ink / markers – It’s impossible to clean.

Crews are responsible for any charges resulting from damages to their tents.

Walls are mounted for your safety – Please DO NOT UNDO OR ALTER walls, straps, or any other part of the tents as it is a very serious safety hazard, especially when the Lethbridge wind picks up!

Athletes Village Rules

  • No alcohol is permitted in Athletes Village, or anywhere at, or near the event, outside of the Beer Gardens. If your team is caught with alcohol outside of the Beer Gardens, you may be disqualified.
  • Absolutely no pets are permitted in Athletes Village. If you use a certified guide dog, please inform us by using the Contact Us page so we know ahead of time.
  • Any team caught manipulating the fencing around the village may be disqualified.
  • Remove all articles from Athlete’s Village prior to leaving at the end of the festival.
  • Do not leave valuables unattended. The ATB Financial Lethbridge Rotary Dragon Boat Festival is not responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged items in Athletes Village.

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